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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Build a shopping cart by own "How to customize the cart"

Sometime we must build a nice web to comfort your customer. Same with the cart, we must make the customer feel comfort. from the background until a text. No matter if we can't build a shopping cart, but we can make a customer feel comfort.


Font type are : Arial, Times New Roman, Courier, Georgia, Verdana and etc.
Size: 1 - 5 (smallest to largest).

Cart Width and alignment
You can set up width from 400 until 750 or 80% until 100%.
Alignment for displaying in screen.

Background Image
You can set the background same with your web. It's for make customer don't think they already open a other url.

You can set the color for text, link, visited link, active link, background color, display header background and text, input header background and text.

You can input your own logo and a header message for customer.

Tax ID Number
is your tax id number.

Customer Message
Your customer can leave a message for you while they order your goods. The message will appear in your mail include order invoice.

Shipping Address

Customer can add a shipping address if different with a buyer address. With this, buyer can buying your goods for their friends,lover,brother,sister,parents, and many more who life in a different address with a buyer.

To save the customer time when returning to make another purchase they can select to have the cart remember them. In practice, their name and address is simply stored in a cookie in their browser.

Shipping Message

You can write a shipping information to your customer.

Terms Of Business
You can place a message on the page where the customer is asked to enter their name and address. You can use this to highlight details about your terms of business, for example your refund policy. You can enter HTML so you could have link to a page on your website displaying your terms in more detail.

Payment Message

You can place a message at the bottom of the form where your customers select which payment option they wish to use. For example : "Credit Card and Check details are collected using a SSL secured server".

Write your own instructions or message for the final "thank you for your order" page. You can have a different message for secure and unsecure payment methods. The maximum space for each is 255 characters.

The following special strings are automatically replaced with the appropriate values for that order:

* {id} - Shopper ID for that order
* {am} - Total amount of the order
* {sb} - Subtotal; the total less shipping and tax

This is useful if you need to dynamically create a link to a payment processor or for a tracking image with a third party affiliate program.

Language, Country and Currency
You can choose the language and country for the cart and currency type (you can use multiple currency).

Required fields
You can choose to have some of the fields required. This will force your customer to enter something into that input box. That does not mean the data is sensible. In the case of a credit card number we can also check that it looks the way a card should.

Return link
This for your customer already order your goods but they still want to take a look another goods (continue shopping). This is very importance so the customer can buy another goods without typing your url again.

Secure pages
Not sure but i think is for securing your HTML code. It will link with a "Link Verification" . Leave it blank if you don't want to use it. If you want to use this function, you need careful with the HTML code.

Button, Style and Behavior
Continue Shopping Button

The URL for the Continue Shopping button comes from a field, named return, that you include in your links on your website to the cart. See the FAQs and the Help files for more details on how to set the field.

There are a number of options associated with the Continue Shopping button. By default it is an HTML form button which uses the GET method, similar to an ordinary hyperlink. Many webservers will not accept a POST request unless it is to a script so most people should leave it as a GET.

Minimum order size
In some cases you may need to impose a minimum order size that you can accept.
You can set mimimum order size of based on:
- No limit to orders
- Quantity of items in the order
- Value of the order including tax and shipping
- Value of the order before tax and shipping
- total shipping units in the order

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Build a shopping cart by own "Second chapter"

Now in this chapter, i want to write how to set up a cart. We can make a nice display to make your customer feel comfort and secure.
In cart setup layer, many feature that we can use freely. This feature are : payment methods, sales tax, shipping, discount, customize, email setting, and advance setting.

- Payment Methods
1. Standart Methods
In here, we can choose are we accepts credit card, check, cheque, direct debit (for Germany), Domiciliación bancaria - Spain, or don't accept cheques. beside it you can accept cash on delivery and money order. You can also create 2 your own payment methods.

2. Paypal
Mals will link itu to your paypal account for payment. and will link it in "pickup payment" (in order layer)
3. Nochex
4. Paymate
5. Moneybookers
6. PayByCheck
7. E-gold/standart reserve

- Sales tax
You can input a sales tax for each country. You can also choose price include sales tax or price exclude sales tax. You can check which do you want. For Indonesia usually VAT is 10%, you can type " 0.10" for 10%. you do it by your own.

- Shipping
With this shipping calculation, you input like :
- giving free shipping when you customer buy many goods.
- giving a handling fee, which is always added whatever the shipping method (except option 8).
Beside that, they have eight different ways of calculating shipping.
0. No shipping.
1. Fixed value. you can add shipping fee per order
2. Calculated from quantity.
Shipping can be calculated from the number of items ordered multiplied by a fixed amount for each item.
3. Calculated from weight or other value.
As items are added to the shopping cart you can assign a weight, or some other value such as volume or value, to the item on which shipping can be calculated using a fixed cost for each unit assigned.
One of the most common options is to have shipping based on the value of the order, for example 10% of the total. To do this check the box below and you won't have to include a units in field in your links.
4. Calculated by quantity from an array.
With this option you can set up an array so that shipping is calculated on the basis of the number of items ordered. For example; for the first item shipping might cost $10. For the second to ninth items, $5 per item, and for more than ten items, free of charge. You can set the bands where you want.
5. Calculated by weight or other value from an array.
With this option you can set up an array so that shipping is calculated on the basis of values you asigned to each item when they were added to the cart. For example; for the first Kilo shipping might cost $10. For the second to ninth Kilos, $5 per Kilo (or per units), and for more than ten Kilos, free of charge. You can set the bands where you want.
You can assign shipping to a maximum of five zones, for example; local, national, international and so on.
6. Calculated by quantity in brands.
This option is similar to option 4 except that the same shipping charge is made for all orders that fall within the bands you set. For example; the first item might be charged $10 and any additional quantity between two and five items an extra $2. So a customer is charged $12 regardless of whether they buy two items or six items. Note that the charges and quantities are cumulative.
7. Calculated by weight or other value in brands.
he principle is exactly the same as option 6 but is based on the sum of the values posted (with the units field).
8. Posting your own total.
In this case the cart doesn't calculate shipping at all but you calculate it and post it in. There are two different ways of doing that. Either include a field called shipping in your Buy Now links or with an external shipping calculator.
If you are using your own external shipping calculator then enter a message with an HTML link to it below. The special string {x} will be replaced with a query string containing the total units. currently in the cart plus the language and currency variables. There is space for up to 150 characters.

Shipping zone table.
These tables or arrays, as they are sometimes called, are required for the shipping methods; 4, 5, 6 or 7. Don't use a currency symbol such as a $ sign in any of the fields.

- Discount
You may want to offer a discount to some of your customers, those who buy more from you. For example: a 10% discount for all orders over $20!
Single tier Discount.
You can add discount for single tier for per order.
Multi tier Discounts.
You can give discount to orders based on :
- The valur of the order.
- The quantitu of items in the order.

Discount Vouchers
You can configure up to five different types of vouchers. The value and the information about its validity is hidden in the voucher's code number which you give to the customer.
The simplest and most basic voucher will have the form; CMMYYNNNN where: C = Code in the range 1 to 5 you set-up below. It defines what the voucher is worth.
MMYY = The expiration date of the voucher. The year must be less than 68 (2068).
NNNN = Is the issue number. It must fall within the ranges you set-up below for that Type and Code.
Vouchers are validated against a voucher mask. This defines what each number in a voucher means and should be composed of these same characters; a C, two Ms, two Ys and a number of Ns matching the maximum range you set-up below. A voucher mask can also contain noise characters which are ignored. So the most basic voucher mask is indeed CMMYYNNNN. However you can mix-up the characters if you like.

So Input the voucher mask you can adding a text you can input like: "myCDDMMYYNNNN".

For the explanation : "my" is you free text, "C" is code, "DD" is the date, "MM" is the Month, "YY" is the year, "NNNN" is the issue number.

Example: "my11205081000" until "my11205081100".

"1" is code where you input the voucher, ("12" is the date, "05" is the Month, "08" is the year) on 12 may 2008 the discount will expire, "1000" until "1100" means you issued 100 discount voucher (issue min and issue max).

Hope you understand with my explation, now we already know the what tools is it. And for the next step i will review how to customize the screen. Thanks for your reading. Good luck

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Build a shopping cart by own "The Beginning"

After several months i never submit a post, now i want to post about shopping cart for newbie like who don't understand a coding. For expert, maybe can build a shopping cart easily, but for newbie like me, don't worry about it.

For newbie who wants to sell goods via internet, must have a shopping cart. So now i want to give my experience to build a shopping cart. I want to review a shopping cart from mals. It's free and many useful features. The features are :

  • Customize the look and feel of your store
  • No scripts or applications to install
  • Build as large an e-commerce site as you want
  • Access to SSL secure server
  • Support for more than 20 languages and any currency
  • Hook-up directly to PayPal, Linkpoint, Authorizenet and many more.
  • Integrate your web sales with: Quickbooks, UPS, USPS.
I think it's a great site for newbie like us and the importance is FREE OF CHARGE. hahaha i like a free things :) . But if you want to more a advance feature you can upgrade to a premium account. Join for free NOW(don't forget read their Terms of service). After you already join, they will give u a user id, password and a server name (they also send you a mail "do not delete their mail, you need it sometime").

After you already join, they will give u a user id, password and a server name (they also send you a mail "do not delete their mail, you need it sometime"). You must remember your server like : The "##" is your server number.
After the congratulation page appear click the login button and you will see like this :

You must type a new payment password. Remember, it's not your password in your first login. That Password used for your link verification and many more. after already submit password, you begin in a administrator area. They have two version displaying your administrator area
1. Old Version

2. New Version

Okay now i want to use a new version because it's quite simple and nice look.

Beginning study

in "order" layer you will see a Cart account detail button, Lists order button, Pickup payment button, and a message board button.
- Cart Account Detail Button, it's for change accounts detail and your password.
- List Order Button, for you see who order you goods.
- Pick up payment button, it's for you see your online payment like paypal, e-gold and credit card. If you want to have credit cards processed in real time using your own merchant account then you need to use a third-party Payment Gateway.
- Message Board, for your customer leave a private message to you.

Okay now it's your turn to practice it (while i write a next chapter :) ). Have a nice work.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

careful with your PAYPAL ACCOUNT

After reading a Indonesia newspaper "kompas". The newspaper write that if you got a e-mail with a subject is "paypal confirmation" . it said that paypal want to review your account and you can click a "Resolution center" for your confirmation. A "resolution link" is www.paypalupdate.cxx. So ignore it and do not click a link because PAYPAL NEVER SEND ANY E MAIL AND CALL US LIKE DEAR CUSTOMER OR DEAR PAYPAL MEMBER. Paypal always use our real name when paypal send us a e-mail.

So for paypal member, please be careful. if you got a peculiar e-mail report it to paypal. If you already click that link and already write username and your password, maybe a best advice is close your account as soon as possible.

For cheater ... you a really not human... F*** B****** and your M***** F***** A** H*** then GO TO HELL (Rush hour 3)
note: sorry i don't have a picture for that mail. but you can look here

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